Data Drive


Data Drive is a research project and a research platform at the University of Amsterdam that explores the intersections between technology and academic practices. Expanding on the question of the degree in which digitality is perceived as a radical break from analogue media and their associated forms of knowledge and focusing on event-based forms of digitality, the group aims to explore and rethink the digital as a transformative cultural force rather than as an extension of traditional humanistic practices.

In 2014, the participants of the seminar attempted to negotiate the ontology of what is broadly defined today as “Digital Humanities.” At the first three sessions, we discussed several key theoretical components, such as the algorithm, software/hardware, (new) Materialities, code, and the nature of data.

For the second semester of 2015, a number of people from different disciplines are invited to Data Drive’s monthly sessions, in order to share their knowledge and experience, and to explore new potentialities for research and education.

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